Monday, October 27, 2008

The Death of Journalism? The Death of Arts Journalism?

Apparently some people don't seem to understand the impact of what's going on in journalism, of which arts journalism is always the not-quite-wanted younger sibling.

In addition to the shuttering of the New York Sun (leaving a superb critic, Eric Grode, without a job), the possibility that no official theatre critic will replace Jeremy McCarter at New York, and at least two major daily critics -- who I cannot name -- about to announce their buyouts, how is it that people actually dispute that there's a problem?

Consider some of these articles just in the last few days alone:

LA Times to Lay Off 75 Staffers

Star-Ledger Newspaper Says 40% of Staff to Leave

02138 Shutters; RadarOnline Bought While Magazine Folds

Financial Times to axe up to 60 jobs

Yahoo to cut 10% of workforce as profit declines (that's 1,500 jobs right there)

30 Layoffs at Time Inc.’s Southern Progress

Is anyone listening?

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Zev Valancy said...

Oy. So what do we DO about it?

Leonard Jacobs said...

I don't know. Honest to God.