Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Afternoon Report, October 30, 2008

This information, called The Afternoon Report, is provided by a daily email blast from the publicity firm of Boneau Bryan-Brown, which maintains this blog.

Two arts advocacy groups merging

“Two nonprofit arts advocacy groups, Americans for the Arts and Business Committee for the Arts, are merging, creating the largest such group in the private sector. The partnership will strengthen both organizations’ abilities to generate increased private-sector support for the arts and arts education by detailing for business leaders the economic impact the arts can provide.”
I have such admiration for both groups and wish them the very best! (I mean that quite sincerely -- I think Americans for the Arts in particular does such a key job in arts advocacy work. Simply indispensible.

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Anonymous said...

Going forward, I hope you'll post the results of their key job, cuz I worry that the govt funding they receive might be better used by groups who actually make art. I want to believe in them, but I attended one of their seminars on fundraising last week, and it was the absolutely worst waste of time ever... and my group paid for it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they could be doing something to save the Provincetown. That would restore my faith.