Friday, October 31, 2008

And Yet, Even More On the Death of Journalism (Well, Arts Journalism)

This morning's doom-and-gloom report comes courtesy of Michael Riedel's column in the New York Post. I've known for some time that Michael Sommers and possibly Peter Filichia were going to be taking buyout packages from the Star-Ledger, but obviously discretion is the better part of valor and all of that.

Here's a particularly salient bit of Michael's column:

"We're huddling in the corner going, 'What's going to become of us?' " says Michael Sommers, who took a buyout this week after 15 years in the aisle seat for New Jersey's The Star-Ledger.

Also leaving is Peter Filichia, the paper's New Jersey critic for more than a decade.

Eric Grode, a promising young critic, evaporated with the New York Sun a few weeks ago.

Two other top New York newspaper drama critics are bracing themselves for a coming round of buyouts and layoffs.

I'm pretty sure I know who those two are. But I'm not telling. And yeah, everything is just lovely in arts journalism. You just keep telling yourself that.

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