Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yale Creates a Music Theatre Program

I'm embarassed to say that I was totally unaware of this, but as per the listserv, there is a new music theatre program being created at Yale.

Here's the 411, for those who may be interested:

Under the leadership of Artistic Director Mark Brokaw and Producer Beth Morrison, the YALE INSTITUTE FOR MUSIC THEATRE will select three original music theatre works to receive a two-week workshop in New Haven June 7-21, 2009.

Established by Yale School of Drama and Yale School of Music, the YALE INSTITUTE FOR MUSIC THEATRE seeks to identify distinctive and original music theatre works by emerging writers and composers, and to serve those writers by matching them with collaborators such as directors, music directors, and actors/singers who can help them further develop their work. By limiting production resources and values, the workshop will keep the focus on the creative process of the artistic team.

The YALE INSTITUTE FOR MUSIC THEATRE will accept applications for projects at various stages of development, but focuses on work that is ready to be explored musically and dramatically with performers and directors. Book musicals and other imaginative music theatre projects written by composers, playwrights, lyricists, or librettists who are current graduate students; or by those who have graduated from an accredited degree-granting institution (undergraduate or graduate) within the past five years; or by current Yale students, are eligible. Applicants can only submit one work for consideration. Writers and composers may apply as individuals or as part of a team. Participants must be available for the full duration of the Institute. Each member of the selected writing teams will receive an honorarium in the amount of $1,000, as well as round-trip transportation to New Haven, and accommodation for the duration of the workshop.

Submissions will be accepted beginning November 19, 2008 and must be received by January 23, 2009. Note: this is not a postmark date. All submissions must include the following:

Three copies of a script with lyrics or a full libretto (no DVDs, videotapes, or photographs);
Three copies of a synopsis of no more than one page, with a list of characters and instrumentation;
Three copies of a CD (no audio tapes) of at least 20 minutes of music, including a minimum of five songs in chronological order, accompanied by the sheet music for those songs. Piano and vocals are sufficient, and a composer’s demo is acceptable though not preferred. Studio demos are not necessary. No midi recordings will be accepted. Songs must be in sequence on the CD and clearly noted in the script;
Three copies of a one-page biography or resume for each creative artist;
Three copies of the history of the work’s development and a brief description of what the creative team hopes to achieve by attending the Institute;
Completed application form signed by all the collaborators (book writer, composer, lyricist, librettist). If the proposed project is an adaptation of an existing work that is not in the public domain, proof of fully secured rights must accompany the submission.

Application forms are available to download online at

Submissions should be addressed to:
Yale Institute for Music Theatre
c/o Yale School of Drama
Box 208244
New Haven, CT 06520-8244

For more information about the Yale Institute for Music Theatre or questions about the application process, please email or call (203) 432-1506.

All applicants will be notified of selection by March 15, 2009.

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