Friday, December 05, 2008

Upcoming Media Appearances

With Christmas around the corner, I've got three media updates for y'all:

Political Panels, Dec. 6 and Dec. 21
Tomorrow, Dec. 6, I'm on a panel following a performance of Too Much Memory, the Fringe Festival hit play by Keith Reddin and Meg Gibson that has now transferred to an Off-Broadway run. The panel features me, Katrina vanden Heuvel (the editor of The Nation), Michael Ratner (of the Center for Constitutional Rights) and the lovely Obie-winning actress Kathleen Chalfant, moderated by Ambassador William vanden Heuvel.

On December 21, I'll moderate a panel following that day's performance of Too Much Memory. The panelists include Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!, JoAnn Wypijewski of The Nation and Mother Jones, and Jared Bernstein of Economic Policy Institute.

The Strategy Room, Fox News
Was on The Strategy Room on Fox this morning to promote the book and to talk Hollywood and Broadway and about some chick named Amy in North Carolina who likes to email in opinions on the shirtless stars she loves and, well, whatever else Amy in North Carolina wants to talk about. I was slightly out of my depth when it came to the obligatory comic-book discussion, but I just assumed everyone at Fox knows Captain America. Had an awesome time with host Jill Dobson and, naturally, the preternatural Ben Widdicombe, whose off-camera pratfall made for a pretty amusing entrance.

The Joey Reynolds Show
Was on The Joey Reynolds Show last night, also talking up the book and whatever else one does discuss at 11pm. We were joined by David Lefkowitz of, and also of the radio show Dave's Gone By and the terrific Performing Arts Insider and about 100 other projects that keep him afloat and going. This airs tonight, Dec. 5; click on the Reynolds link for a download.

David and I, of course, have a history. And he was incredibly gracious and kind to me on the air; we shook hands and put in the past what should be in the past. It was completely unexpected (I hadn't a clue he'd be there) and, in the end, really pretty thrilling. He was a gentleman and after so many years, I'm looking forward to breaking bread with him.

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