Sunday, December 21, 2008

Paris V -- More Photos

OK, I'm herewith formally acknowledging how cheesy this was, but our first two nights in Paris were spent in a one-bedroom duplex suite at the Plaza Athenee, courtesy of a professional room swap between Ken (who works for the Plaza Athenee New York) and his Parisian counterpart (even though the two properties are not jointly owned). And the suite really was fabulous -- hence the photos at the beginning of the series, taken from the large outdoor patio. And so, yes, I kind of ran around at one point shooting stuff. Cheesy, totally. But what a suite! Really a superb way to begin our Paris trip.

The sauna. See what I mean?

Relaxation...! Oui!

Sick yet?

What street could that be?

Yeah, that street...

Inside the Musee d'Orsay

Also inside

Also inside...


Ah, Rosette, my love!

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