Tuesday, December 02, 2008

New Interview: Rocco DiSpirito

For Metromix.com/AM New York. Terrific to talk to, too.

Here's a tease:

Ever met a better meatball than your mom's? And would you admit it if you have?
No I haven't, and yes I would admit it—in print, actually—because Mom doesn't read, so she'd never know. I think her meatballs are truly genius, though, because she purées the garlic, onion and parsley in chicken stock and then she adds it to the meat and doesn't overmix it.

Give me three simple rules any home cook can learn.
Taste your food a lot—the difference between a good and a great chef is how often you taste your food. Don't be afraid to cheat—the kitchen is literally the only room in the house where you can get away with it. And don't panic. You can't have a good time otherwise.

You never panic?
Have you seen me dance?

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