Monday, December 08, 2008

Could the Dream of Marx Brothers Place Be Thwarted?

I don't want to sound needlessly alarmist, but based on emails from and postings by Susan Hefti of the 93rd Street Beautification Association, I suspect the possibility of having her stretch of East 93rd Street named after the Marx Brothers is about even odds at best. Still, that doesn't mean this issue should go down without a fight.

Look at this post in which Susan encourages everyone to get on board a plan to stop a penthouse from being built atop another penthouse -- something already eroding the historic nature of the block -- and thus undermining the Marx Brothers Place campaign.

As a reminder, register your objection to the proposal to top-off the penthouse at 150 East 93rd Street here.

(Email objections must include: BSA Calendar Number: 162-08-BZ; Property ID: 150 East 93rd Street; Block: 1521; Lot: 51; Borough: Manhattan. All objections should be "land-use" related. See Susan's post for more information.)

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