Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Article: Michael Cerveris Talks Up the 15th Anniversary Reunion Concert of The Who's Tommy

Michael Cerveris is always fun to talk to. Check out the last graph of this piece, written for New York Press. It's pretty amusing.

Here's the tease:

Michael Cerveris was a working actor—but a Broadway nobody—when he booked an audition for a stage version of The Who’s Tommy back in 1992. He was playing a minor role in a revival of Richard II in L.A. (Kelsey Grammer had the title role), and musical-theater performing wasn’t high on his priority list. Still, he was a fan of The Who and had a history of playing in bands, “so when they said they wanted me to sing a rock song, I brought my guitar and auditioned with ‘Young Americans’ by David Bowie,” he says. “I mean, no way was I having some rehearsal pianist trying to accompany me.”

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