Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Paris IX -- More Photos

In honor of the fallen.


Triumphant! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

More in honor of the militarily slain.

There's a Les Miz joke here, but thankfully I haven't found it.

Harry? As in Winston. Next to the Plaza Athenee Paris.


At the Basilique de Saint-Denis, where the French kings are entombed.

Gorgeous glass.

That's Louis XIV on one side, Marie Antoinette and her breasts on the other.

Catherine De' Medici on the right. Oh, and King Henry II on the left.

At Versailles, baby.


Be wary of statuary.

How do I get one of these?

A tribute to Jim Morrison? Not.

Close-up. One of my favorite photos.

Dancing on the ceiling.

More dancing, more ceiling.

Yes, that's part of the awful Jeff Koons exhibit on the right.


An inflatable lobster at Versailles. Thanks, Jeff Koons. (Ugh.)


Take a nap!

Just a little something for the house, dear.

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