Tuesday, September 09, 2008

As for That Bootleg YouTube Video You Love, AEA and the League Are Watching You

This is a really terrific, if not especially revelatory, Washington Post article on the problem of bootleg Broadway videos on YouTube and what, if anything, the unions, the Broadway League and media mega-corporations are going to do about it, or can do about it.

It's excellently written and while it doesn't make me want to sneak my camcorder into a theatre (actually, I don't own one), it doesn't make me feel guilty about cruising YouTube and another of my favorite sites, BlueGobo.com.

And don't worry, the powers-that-suck will find a way to profit from this conundrum, too.

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1 comment:

Jen Ryan's Brain said...

as Thomas Friedman said on letterman on tuesday, to paraphrase, its the equivalent of bill gates and steve jobs inventing the pc in their basement and big corporations screaming MORE IBM TYPEWRITERS! MORE DITTO PAPER!!

once the cat is out of the proverbial hat it cannot be put back in.

Broadway should allow LICENSED videotaping of performances for sale. Just my ten cents.