Sunday, September 21, 2008

[title of show] closing; uber-believers aim to make it to become the theatre's Rasputin

oy. so in honor of [title of show] -- a show i liked enough to have a good time at but never thought was the second coming of jesus christ, and a show that would have never gone to Broadway had it not been for the overweening sense of sanctimonious super-overentitlement of its creators, particularly, it seems, Hunter Bell, and which is closing, according to playbill, after 103 performances and 13 previews -- i'm only using lowercase letters in this post.

and then, as i was cruising this afternoon, there's a string asking whether [title of show] could move off-broadway. god almighty, what the hell is this show -- the rasputin of the american musical theatre?

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Zev Valancy said...

"Have all the demons in hell come back to torment me? Die, God in heaven, die!"

On a more serious note--it's things like this show that make me sad that commercial Off-Broadway is basically dead. This show--four characters, one piano, small scale emotionally as well as scenically--has no business on Broadway, even in the comparatively intimate Lyceum. Stick it in some 200-seater twenty years ago, and it could've gotten a decent run, and maybe a profit. But these days? Serious plays almost never manage runs Off-Broadway, so everyone tried completely irresponsible moves. It's a shame.

Though I do love how now going to Broadway is a constitutional right for anyone who has written a deeply personal musical. Preferably one which stars the authors. I need to get on that.

Anonymous said...

Zev is absolutely right. This was a WONDERFUL Off-Broadway show which simply drowned in its Broadway house. As I pointed out in my post on Extra Criticum, only one of the four voices on that stage was a full-sized Broadway voice. I so LOVED the show at the Vineyard.

The contracts for Off-Bway are in desperate need of an overhaul!

- Rolando Teco
(of Extra Criticum dot com)

Anonymous said...

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