Thursday, September 04, 2008

An Interview with -- Me! -- On Extra Criticum (Part 7 of 7)

I was very flattered when Rolando Teco, whose new blog Extra Criticum is pretty damn cool and has a lot of potential, asked me to participate in an experiment in which his various writers and contributors would ask a bunch of questions of me as a critic. Well, the seventh installment is up (only the bonus remains). And who knows who I'll alienate this time!

Well, actually, it would appear I've alienated Aaron Riccio, but I'll get to that.

Here's the tease:

Q: Have you ever written a review that you deeply regret and would take back (or completely rework) if you could? What would you like theatre artists to get out of your reviews of their work?

A: I did when I was younger—I started writing reviews for The Village Voice and other publications when I was 22, and oh, oh, oh did I say things I shouldn’t have said…I just pray that when I get to the Jewish equivalent of the Pearly Gates, there isn’t mold in my potato salad...

Now, I guess to my regret I have upset Aaron Riccio on this issue. I responded via Extra Criticum and now await the onslaught. Pesky semicolons. What awful creatures.

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Aaron Riccio said...

Again: no harm, no foul, just words. Like I said; I very much liked reading about your experiences: it's nice to see that all critics seem to share certain thoughts at some point in their career. I simply felt inspired to clarify, from my own experiences, where I stand.

Zev Valancy said...

I was a tender 20 when I went to work for you...wonder when I'll figure out the dumbest things I'm doing now...