Friday, September 12, 2008

Emerging from Seclusion, Doris Day Gives Her Opinion of Sarah Palin

Well, sort of.

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Anonymous said...

Here's the real problem with the Internet:
Partisan politics notwithstanding, a not-clever parody warbled by a shitty singer, exploiting the name of someone with ACTUAL talent desperately seeking attention.

It's worse than a middle school skit, and far less witty. Rhyming does not good parody make.

I hope Doris Day DOES come out of seclusion and sues your ass for insulting a) our intelligence and b) any concept of actual creativity.

but since this is a wanker 'blog, my guess is this post won't make it past its author's "moderation".

Leonard Jacobs said...

Here's the problem with you: you're a bloody imbecile.

Leonard Jacobs said...

Oh -- here's your other problem: you're too much of a blithering coward to actually post your name. (Guess you're not serving with the bravest in Iraq, hm?) The policy on this blog is not to publish anonymous comments, but you're so idiotic I just had to give in.

Anonymous said...

this person thinks Sarah Palin has talent?

Anonymous said...

meet this guy: DR.DEMENTO-he's done a comedy radio show for 30 years, playing many parody artists, and discovered Weird Al Yankovic.
This guy: SUDDEN DEATH.he's had his songs place at the numbers 1, 2, and 4 most requested songs of the year on Dr. Demento in 2007, numbers 1 and 10 of the year in 2005, number 1 for the year 2002, and number 6 of year 2003, number 4 in 1998.
This comedy act from New Jersey combines hard hitting hip hop beats with what Dr. Demento calls "some of the funniest hip hop lyrics I've ever heard" and puts on a hilarious show for rap fans and non-rap fans alike.


Anonymous said...

I am the terrible singer and humorless person who wrote and yes, warbled my best version of this song.

I urge you to sue me. You obviously dont know jack squat about the law, because if you did, you'd know that parody falls under the first amendement right to free expression and is fully protected.

You'd also know that Ray Evans wrote that song, not Doris Day. And he's dead.

Please, do me a favor and go play in traffic.