Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Horror Story, Courtesy of Jason Grote

I do a terrible job of keeping up with other people's blogs, but I do read The Fortress of Jason Grote pretty regularly and its obviously exciting that Jason is having such success in his work. In this post, he talks about the V.I.P. night for his play Maria/Stuart and, um, an encounter he had with a patron who, frankly, sounds as if she escaped from a rubber room. Do click over to read the whole post, but I hope you all (and you, Jason) don't mind me teasing with this excerpt:

Last night was V.I.P. night at Woolly, where they have a nice little reception in the lobby, introduce the playwright, and you shake hands with people and stuff. I've done this before at theaters large and small, and I generally like it. Contrary to stereotype, generally board members and trustees and people like that are pretty cool; there are a lot of things they could be blowing their money on, and they're blowing it on theater. Usually, at these things, I have a tendency to let my guard down, and why wouldn't I? It's a lot of people who have financially contributed to my work saying nice things to me and generally being curious about who I am as a person. The problem with this is that, when you let your guard down, you let the mutants in.

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1 comment:

Jason Grote said...

Haha! No worries at all, Leonard. I've since gotten over it, but boy was I mad. There are weirdos into just about everything there is to be into, but theater seems to attract a special brand.