Friday, September 26, 2008

New Review: Equus

For Back Stage.

Here's the tease:

"Sometimes theatre professionals and audiences recall great original productions with an "I was there, you weren't" mentality that excludes the unfortunate and the unborn. The original production of Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie in 1945 is an example. To this day, Laurette Taylor's Amanda Wingfield is viewed by many — even the generations that never saw her — as the untouchable, unachievable standard. So perhaps it's inevitable that director Thea Sharrock's stirring revival of Peter Shaffer's Equus will be compared with John Dexter's original 1974 staging of the play, for which Dexter and Shaffer won Tonys. But how wrong-headed it would be for this brooding, marvelous play and this revival's gifted lead actors to be viewed on anything but their own well-deserved terms."

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