Monday, March 03, 2008

Trying to be Everyone's Friend, Some People Look Spineless

You know what makes me nuts? When certain bloggers, whom I won't link to, talk about how there are all different kinds of change, small change and large change and -- well, let's have a moment here for a Gypsy-style lyric a la Stephen Sondheim -- spare change and hair change and quick change and sick change, as if to say "Why can't we all get along?" From what I can tell, it isn't about little changes leading to big changes. It's about people not arguing their asses off over at, say, the listserv, or blogging soothing remarks about "kinds of change" and getting off their asses and doing something!

"We're doing our art." Yes, yes, ok, glad you've settled for that and that alone. After all, doing art is doing something. But is that really what we mean? You want to lead a movement? Start f-ing leading.

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