Thursday, March 20, 2008

On Behalf of the Marx Brothers

CORRECTION: According to my friend Jon Stancato, who lives on the Upper East Side and knows about these things...well, here's his email:

i spent quite a few years living practically adjacent to marx brothers playground (Playground 96 - Marx Brothers Playground- 2nd Ave. & 96th St). lots of late night basketball games played there.
So there IS something in New York named for the Marx Brothers. But not a street.

All may now read the rest of this post...

I received this morning from my dear friend Jen Ryan (who has got to update her blog!) advising me that there's a strong movement gathering steam to rename a street on the Upper East Side in honor of the Marx Brothers. Can you believe that there's nothing in Manhattan anywhere, it seems, that formally tips the hat to these enduring comic icons?

Here's part of the email Jen sent me. Take action now and sign this petition!

I was shocked to find out there is NO monument to the Marx Brothers anywhere in NYC. They were born and raised on 93rd and Lex and a woman has begun an attempt to name 93rd street between 3rd and Lex "Marx Brothers Place". I thought you may want to publicise this post on your blog. Rik found this online petition that could desperately use some support from the blogosphere, press, and good old word of mouth. I'm sending this to my friend at Bloomberg's office. I would love nothing more than to organize a Marx Brothers parade up Lex on October 2nd, Groucho's birthday.

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PUNCH 59 Sketch Comedy said...

thanks bubbe! i have been too busy to blog. anyway lets see what kind of groundswell we can get for the street naming..Im serious about a Mass Marx Brothers parade...can you imagine 1000 people dressed as Groucho and Harpo running up Lex??