Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Brutish Judas Named Bruno

You know what, Joe? You want to stand there like an obnoxious, double-dealing, profit-from-lobbyists twerp and let your war-for-a-lie, blood-of-Americans-dripping-from-your fingers Republican colleagues demand impeachment in 48 hours or else? Yeah, they'd never demand that for a president who sent tens of thousands of Americans and Iraqs to their deaths on the basis of lies.

So, let's have impeachment. Charge Spitzer with a crime. Try him. If you think that's best for New York State, do it.

Or, let's say Spitzer resigns. Fine. You think we're not going to go after you, you lying, cheating, ethically deficient son of a bitch?

Don't believe that for a minute. Don't believe that for a minute.

Oh, and in my world, we use the legal system to go after people. We don't participate in tipping off corrupt federal governments to engage in wiretapping to bring down our enemies. I hope you were wearing your brown shirt and practicing your "Sieg Heil" when you got the news.

Eliot, rot in hell. You betrayed my vote.
Joe, rot in hell. You betrayed my nation.

New Yorkers -- take your goddamn government back and get rid of these idiots before you betray my hope.

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