Friday, March 07, 2008

New Podcast: The Leonard Jacobs Show, Episode III

The newest episode of The Leonard Jacobs Show -- episode III -- is now available for your downloading and listening delectation.

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Here is the blurb (with my thanks and love, as always, to Martin and Rochelle Denton):

Leonard Jacobs, National Theatre Editor of Back Stage, returns with a two segment episode. Leonard’s guests are Shay Gines and Nick Micozzi of the New York Innovative Theatre Awards and Jen Ryan of Punch 59, a sketch comedy group.

NYITA gives three honorary awards, the Caffe Cino Fellowship Award, the Stewardship Award, and the Artistic Achievement Award. Leonard serves as chair of the committee that oversees these awards. Shay and Nick speak with Leonard about what these awards are, some changes in ‘08 to the application process, and what goes into making a successful application.

In the second part of this episode, Leonard introduces us to Jen Ryan, artistic director of Punch 59 and a quick and naturally funny person. Punch 59 is a sketch comedy group. Jen explains that their work is fully scripted, and leaves nothing to chance. Punch 59 began in Florida in the ’90s and has been up and running in NYC since 2007. Jen lapses occasionally into one of her favorite characters, Betty Holland.

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