Friday, March 07, 2008

New Article: James Earl Jones

This is my national cover story for Back Stage profiling the extraordinary James Earl Jones.

Before you click on over -- as I know you all will -- let me just say that the hour I spent with Mr. Jones was one of the most interesting and unusual times I've ever spent with another actor. Some of what he said was just on this side of unprintable -- and not because he spoke about anyone or anything in the pejorative, because that's not his style, believe me. Rather, I think he's at a place, at 77, where honesty is more his calling card than ever, and he lets fly with his feelings and his attitudes in a way that's so real and so refreshing that, frankly, it took me aback. Most actors at his level are guarded, perhaps understandably so. But he was freespirited and kind and warmhearted and fiercely intelligent. You cannot spend time with him without becoming utterly besotted. I don't usually post what I think of the subjects I interview for BS but this guy was just unforgettable. Hope you like the piece.

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