Sunday, March 09, 2008

On Mac Rogers, Praxis Theatre, and Roaches

Well, this much is for sure: Mac Rogers didn't, um, duck any questions when the Theatre is Territory people decided to fire their 10 questions at him. That photo of him is hilarious.

Just one thing, though, Mac. Comparing me (and Scott Walters and Don Hall, et. al.) to roaches? That's pretty, er, Kafka-esque, no?

All in all, good reading.

OH -- but why don't those people ask me some goddamn 10 questions, hm? Nothin' worse than a pissy roach.

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macrogers said...

I was just curous to see if I had the guts to compare the theatrosphere's four most feared bloggers to insects - and I haven't slept since! I know Hall and Walters are too far away to do me any harm, but I have these images of you and Nick prowling through Brooklyn with brass knuckles...

Leonard Jacobs said...

Oh, puh-leeze. I wouldn't use brass knuckles and I certainly wouldn't prowl around Brooklyn. I got some friends in Bay Ridge, that's all. Good buddies of mine. Badda bing, badda boom.

(I didn't know I was feared!)