Monday, March 10, 2008

Eliot Spitzer: You Son of a Bitch

Goddamn it, you broke my heart. Resign. And rot in hell.

You stupid, hypocritical liar.

I don't care that you consorted with whores. I care that you got caught. And that you needed to in the first place. You set yourself up as some moral avatar and there you are. You are so very, very American.

You broke my heart.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Jacobs, please tell me how you really feel. My first thought was can I get the 300K back into my 401K for all the destruction he caused. Considering he did the deed on Feb 13 - he should get checked, don't you think and how sweet the day before Valentines day. He should resign.....enough of this crap - with you all the way.

Stephen VG.

Jen Ryan's Brain said...

What a flippin' tool. That's all I can say.
You know this must have involved whips, chains, and adult diapers. Why else go to a call girl and not your own wife?

The only good part of this is that we now will have our first blind, and black governor! Yar!