Thursday, March 05, 2009

Will LPC Chair Robert B. Tierney Help Marx Brothers Place Become Reality?

I have to say I was so pleased to receive a press release from Susan Hefti of the 93rd Street Beautification Association stating that Robert B. Tierney, chairman of the Landmarks Preservation Commission will take a walking tour of the area as a step toward considering Hefti's stretch of 93rd Street for inclusion in the Carnegie Hill Historic District. That's awesome -- I hope Hefti and all the elected officials in support of her efforts gently hold Tierney's feet to the fire.

Here's the release:

That sound you hear may be more than just the ice melting outside! NYC Council Member Dan Garodnick brings us the good news that the Chairman of the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission, Robert Tierney, has committed to visiting historic Marx Brothers Place in contemplation of calendaring the 93rd Street Beautification Association's Request for Evaluation (RFE) in which we ask the city to extend the Carnegie Hill Historic District one block east so as to include this remarkable collection of 19th century houses & gardens within its protective

We're not planning a celebration just yet, as we know a "site visit" is a long way from actually getting the block designated, but it's a start, and we're awfully grateful to CM Garodnick and his Community Liasion, Segun Akande, for all the efforts they have made to get Chairman Tierney to commit to putting on his walking shoes and trekking on up to our cherished little stretch of Carnegie Hill!

Joining CM Garodnick and Segun Akande will be all the other elected officials who wrote to Chairman Tierney urging him to calendar the 93rd Street Beautification Association's RFE for a public hearing. The historic walking tour is being organized through CM Garodnick's office and is expected to take place the last week of March or in the early part of April.

So, if sometime over the next few weeks, you happen to see Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer; NY State Assemblyman Jonathan Bing; NY State Assemblyman Micah Kellner; NYC Council Member Dan Garodnick and NYC Council Member Jessica Lappin squiring LPC Chairman Robert Tierney down our steep and storied slope, be sure to smile at the Chairman (now I mean a really, really BIG smile!) and tell him just how much you are looking forward to having our block included in the Carnegie Hill Historic District, and how you're counting on him to get it done!!!

Let's keep our collective fingers and toes crossed, folks!

Three cheers for historic Marx Brothers Place! And many thanks to Council Member Dan Garodnick for leading the upcoming walking tour of our historic little block!

For more information about the 93rd Street Beautification Association or Marx Brothers Place, please contact us at or 212.969.8138 or visit our blogs at: Save Marx Brothers Place or The Marx Brothers Place Report or view our Marx Brothers Place MySpace profile.

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