Monday, March 09, 2009

Is Kermit the Frog a Right-Wing Conservative?

Listen to Jonathan Krohn, 14 going on lost-cause, speaking at the CPAC conference. Listen, in particular, starting around :55. And you tell me.

LOL. Get them while they're young, Evita, get them while they're young.

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Anonymous said...

ok, off topic, but Kermit is as good as any....

Just wanted to share with you, Leonard, that yesterday I was hugged by John Sexton. Yikes!

He was the guest preacher at my church. I guess because he's about to build another monstrosity next door to us where they're tearing down the catholic church.

Since I learned to value the legacy and heritage of the Theater while attending his university, I felt compelled to let him know how appalled I and other alum's are with the law school's destruction of the sacred Provincetown Playhouse. Hug over.

He fought back, saying it was not him but the law school’s doings. So did I, saying that he could hardly abdicate ultimate responsibility. He left it with a congenial, "well, I can't make you happy." Indeed.

Leonard Jacobs said...

So you're telling me that John Sexton really IS the embodiment of predestinate evil! :-)

Anonymous said...

First a man-child runs the country for 8 years and now they turn to a child-child.

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