Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Madison Rep Kicks the Bucket

...and to judge by what some of the Wisconsin wags are saying, it's probably for the best, however sad it may seem.

For example, here's Damien Jaques of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

...According to the Associated Press, the news was disseminated in the same inept, clumsy way the company has conducted much of its business for the past five years. The acting artistic director told a Madison television station that the Rep board voted late last month to dissolve the group.

The Madison Rep's financial and public relations problems began long before the national economy tanked. Even a beautiful gem of a new performing home in the Overture Center could not save the company from itself. The Rep has provided a template on how not to run a theater company for the surviving state arts groups.

Harsh words for harsh times, I guess.

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