Sunday, March 08, 2009

A Pitch

On occasion, I plan to use the CF Report as a place to develop ideas for pitches. Here's the first one: What Jewish actors -- other than Tovah Feldshuh -- are or are going to be on Broadway? NYC residents preferred.

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Seth Christenfeld said...

Definitely Jewish:
Marc Kudisch in 9 to 5
Aaron Lazar in Impressionism

Dubiously Jewish:
Lily Rabe in The American Plan (don't know if she's practicing, although she is by Jewish law)
Craig Bierko in Guys and Dolls (quoth Wikipedia: "Bierko's mother was Jewish and a convert to Catholicism, raising Bierko Catholic, although Bierko has said that he is "very connected" to his Jewish heritage.")
Steven Weber, The Philanthropist (Wikipedia says so, but the source link is dead)

This doesn't include a fair number of people whom I would presume are Jewish but don't know for certain (i.e. Steve Rosen in G&D, to use a fairly obvious example).