Monday, March 02, 2009

Another Theatre on the Brink, Part II: Foothills Theatre Company

Apparently I posted too soon: the Foothills Theatre Company, which is in Worcester, Mass., will also go under if it is unable to raise $200,000 in the next two weeks, according to this story in the Boston Globe.

You know, perfectly good and smart people like Teresa Eyring, head of Theatre Communications Group, spent all this time with all those arts leaders and advocates pushing for another $50M in NEA funding, but what is really happening here? This isn't about NEA funding, is it? This is about About Face, the Magic, Foothills -- I could call up the whole list of nonprofit theatres that have imploded or nearly imploded in what is really just proof positive that the fiscal system for supporting the American theatre isn't working. And yet some people -- I'll be posting about this shortly -- rail against me for going on and on about the need to make the nonprofit theatre in our nation economically self-sustaining. No, they say, just get the government, federal, state and local, to just hand out more money. It's imbecilic. It's like crying out for a bucket of water when all of Rome is burning.

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