Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Scott Eckern Resigns!

Our long national nightmare isn't over -- Bush is still president -- but according to the Sacramento Bee, antigay supporter Scott Eckern has resigned as artistic director of Sacramento Music Theatre.

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Anonymous said...

Not for nothing but this man, who RUNS a theater, an industry that has (perhaps) a larger concentration of LGBT persons IN the theater community, donated money to a cause that is essentially equal to apartheid against those persons.

Let this serve as a cautionary tale.

Anonymous said...

This is a mess. It's bad for theater and bad for LGBTQ folks.

Kel Munger
Theater Critic
Sacramento News & Review

Anonymous said...

While I believe that what Mr. Eckern did was wrong. It was nevertheless his right as an american to do so.

The big picture is that one who is supposed to be educated, tolerant and accepting, was swayed by propaganda that was an outright lie. If he could be swayed, just think how many others that really do think gay marriage is ok, were persuaded to change their vote based on lies?? I suspect that at least 20% of those voted for the ban, based it upon the fear that gays would "recruit", force it on their respective "churches", that being gay is a "choice"and did not base it upon the truth, the equality of marriage for all.

While we can second guess the campaign to fight Prop 8, it should really be a wake up call to us. Fight fire with fire. Brand the zealots for what they are. Bigots, intolerant and LIARS!!!! Fight to get the tax exempt status of the mormon church revoked. Fight the religious organizations that donated. Challenge their tax exempt status, challenge their propaganda. Show the dirty, nasty, dark underbelly of these religious organizations that promote hate. Inform businesses that donated to it, that you are disappointed in their support of bigotry and not only will you not patronize their business, but will inform others of your decision and encourage them to do the same.

I have started a letter writing campaign to every public person who supported the ban. A paper letter, mailed via the USPS. Email are simply just not as effective. When you write cc the letter to the various News outlets.


However you wish to do it, email or letter, just do it. Now is the time.

While my efforts by themselves are not effective, when combined with others, it gains strength.

I urge you to contact your politcians, religious leaders, churches, public figures(like Bill O'Reilly, Mike Huckabee and many others) and express your desire for EQUAL rights, and that separate but equal is not equal.

Stand up, make your voice heard, be visible, don't stop at posting on blogs and websites. Do it in person, on the phone etc.

Show them it affected "real" people, not a faceless demographic.

Rosa Parks put a face on the issue of racial discrimination. We need to do the same.

Complacency kicked us in the ass!!!

Unknown said...

u can read his resignation letter online today. in it, he mentions that he has a lesbian sister. what an asshat. he deserves all the vilification he's receiving. Bigots deserve that. he is a bigot. can't wait to see what thanksgiving is like at their house. asshat.