Friday, November 21, 2008

New Article: Yesterday's Booze; or, My Report on Malt Advocate’s 11th annual New York WhiskeyFest

Here's the tease:

From the balcony of the Broadway ballroom at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, surveying the dozens of whiskey purveyors assembling tasting tables for Malt Advocate’s 11th annual New York WhiskeyFest, things resembled any other trade show. There was eye-filling signage and, given the type of product soon to be consumed by several hundred people, a phalanx of don’t-mess-with-us security types lolling about. Plus there were fashion statements to drink in—not from the suited men, who outnumbered the women five to one, but the women, some gussied in corporate uniforms, some glossy-faced in glamour garb. Everyone—from distillery reps picking up awards from Malt Advocate editor/publisher John Hanswell to the peat-obsessed press corps milling around—was patiently waiting the moment when the tables could be swarmed and the tasting could begin.

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