Monday, November 10, 2008

The Afternoon Report, November 10, 2008

This information, called The Afternoon Report, is provided by a daily email blast from the publicity firm of Boneau Bryan-Brown, which maintains this blog.

White Space Spectrum is Dead Space, For Now – by Judy Mottl
“There are two undisputed facts when it comes to the future of white space spectrum that will soon move from serving as a buffer zone between broadcast channels to becoming a brand-new broadband avenue. The first is that the spectrum will go untouched for at least a year, maybe even two: There are no access devices or business models in sight, and, most importantly, no wireless carriers on the horizon looking to tap into the new network option. The second fact is that the broadcast industry isn't done fighting to keep the spectrum roped off from access, despite a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ruling last week that white spaces use for Internet connectivity will not negatively impact broadcast operations.”
Ugh, but maybe this is all going to be good for theatre in the long run. Maybe it'll produce a new generation of actors actually able to project.

“Shadowlands” and an unwanted sound effect
Star Tribune – by Eric Ringham

“I don't mean this for theater audiences generally, nor for Guthrie audiences generally, nor even for the audience that came on Sunday night to see the Guthrie's fine production of "Shadowlands." I mean it for the one person somewhere toward the left side of the house whose cell phone went off during the second act. – during this somber play, in which grief is a presence so palpable that it deserves its own bio in the program, there is no scene that your ringtone would not kill. The actors stayed in the moment, though they too must have heard it. But for 10 awful seconds or longer, the focus in the theater shifted from them to you. Surely you felt it. Never let your cell phone embarrass you again. To paraphrase the play, let the pain, now, be part of the happiness, then. Please?”
In New York City, of course, that's all against the law. Not that it's enforced, which remains the problem with it. So what happens? The same thing here as in this article -- a very public shaming.

Kanye West Going Broadway
Broadway Magazine,
“With the critical success of Stew in Passing Strange last season, and the acclaimed musical In The Heights still wowing crowds, the Broadway musical has expanded into new frontiers, could this mean that Kanye will bring his hip-hop “pop art” style to Broadway?”
Wow. I'd love it. Great question.

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