Friday, November 21, 2008

Horse Trade's Frigid New York Festival Needs Your Help

Does everyone know about the Frigid New York festival at Horse Trade Theater Group? If you know about it, or you've seen some of the work, or heard about some of the work, you might consider reading the note (see below) that I just received from managing director Erez Ziv, and taking action.

Dear Friends of Horse Trade and FRIGID New York,

Hello. I am Erez Ziv, Managing Director of the Horse Trade Theater Group.

I am writing to announce that in February 2009, Horse Trade and San Francisco’s EXIT Theatre will once again celebrate the end of winter with the return of FRIGID New York, a new global Indie Theater Festival that kicks off the annual North American Fringe Circuit. As you know FRIGID is a unique model which gives 100% of the box office income to the artists. This year I am asking you to materially contribute to this worthy endeavor through direct donations of cash and/or by contributions of your time, energy and spare rooms.

FRIGID Needs You!
Horse Trade, EXIT Theatre, and all of the hard working staff, artists, and volunteers of FRIGID New York contribute their labor and resources to underwrite the costs of producing the Festival.

As the Festival grows beyond all expectations, it requires year round management, but we cannot continue to go it alone. With 100% of box office revenue going the artist we are stretching our budget dollars as thin as they can go. We will have to cut back on events and services that have helped this festival get such a great reputation around the globe in such a short time. Your contribution would prevent that.

We know this is not the best of times to ask our friends for money but here we go anyway. Your gift of:

$25 would help pay for us to provide our artists with a wireless internet connection so they can easily market their show and arrange the next leg of their international tours while at our festival. This donation will give you a great warm feeling all winter.

$50 would help pay for a venue manager to take care of both the artists and the audience at each performance. This level of support, beyond a great warm feeling, will entitle you to a FRIGID winter hat.

$100 would help pay for a good bit of web advertizing on Time Out New York. This level of support will make you hot and entitle you to a limited run FRIGID bag.

$250 would help pay for print advertizing in The Village Voice. You will be steaming hot and might not even need your hat, but you will be able to carry it in your FRIGID bag as you come see shows with your 10 show pass.

$500 would help pay for one tech person for the entire run of the festival. We worry that you might melt, so we will make you an Ice King/Queen entitling you to special VIP treatment, a free pass for you and a friend to every show and a special invite to all our events.

In Kind Donations
If you can’t afford to write a check, don’t despair, you can give us your time and join our volunteer corps to help make the festival function as smoothly as it has in previous years.

And if you have an extra bedroom or just a couch, and can help us with housing some of our national and international visiting artists, you will be crowned an Ice King/Queen with all above listed benefits.

For all donations you will be invited to FRIGID New York’s opening weekend party @ UNDER St. Marks, where you can meet all this year’s artists and staff while making frequent trips to the open bar.

The festival’s producers are proud of our guiding principles to support self-producing artists in furthering the success of their work. We ask for your help as we continue to provide this opportunity for ingenuity to thrive in a festival that prides itself on freedom of expression and artistic determination. Your kind support for FRIGID New York will help secure a future for this unique festival and a truly vibrant theater community.

I ask you to join us today and make the 2009 FRIGID New York a grand success! Please support FRIGID New York today. You can donate online at:

Or send contributions to Horse Trade Theatre, 85 E. 4th Street, New York, NY 10003. Checks should be made payable to Fractured Atlas, with “In behalf of FRIGID New York” in the memo line.

We look forward to seeing you this winter.


Erez Ziv
FRIGID New York Festival

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