Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Death of Journalism -- Remember That?

I've been laying off the death-of-journalism posts for awhile, but it might be instructive to plunk in three (relatively) new links so no one thinks we're out of the collective woods yet.

To wit:

USA Today to Cut About 20 Newsroom Jobs

Layoffs Begin at Entertainment Weekly, And They're Not Taking Volunteers [Update]

Salon Cuts Nine Staffers

Weinstein Co. Trims 11 Percent of Workforce

Associated Press staff to shrink 10 pct, CEO says
NEW YORK (AP) -- The Associated Press will trim 10 percent of its work force over the next year as a cut in fees paid by member newspapers and a declining economy take their toll, Chief Executive Tom Curley said Thursday.

The staff reduction will amount to a loss of more than 400 positions from a global staff of 4,100, and Curley said the cuts will include some of the news cooperative's 3,000 journalists.

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