Friday, November 21, 2008

New Article: My Interview with Alex Borstein of "Family Guy"

Here's a little secret: I worship Family Guy. It's been a staple of the tube-watching in this household (where the tube is far from the priority) for a few years now. And I wanted, more than anything, to write something about the upcoming Family Guy event, called Family Guy Sings, coming up at Carnegie Hall next week. Through the kind intervention of the event's publicist, Beth Sorrell of the Karpel Group, I got a phone call last weekend from Alex Borstein, who voices Lois (and various other characters) on the show in addition to being one of its writers. Borstein's a great and fascinating character herself, and kooky and swell and crazy and frenetic and a total joy.

Here, then, is the short squib I wrote up for New York Press on Alex.


Click on this link to buy tickets to go to Carnegie Hall and see the whole cast reading two! With a 40-piece orchestra!!

Here's a tease from my story:

“Nothing offends me,” claims Alex Borstein, who voices the role of Lois on Family Guy and will appear at Carnegie Hall on Nov. 24 and 25 with the show’s full cast—Seth Green, Mike Henry, Mila Kunis and show creator Seth MacFarlane—for a concert reading of two episodes, backed by a 40-piece orchestra.

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