Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The White Barn Theatre is Saved!

I reported on this extensively in 2003 and 2004 for Back Stage, and I was thrilled to receive the following email (below) today. Click on the link to the Connecticut Friends School to see how the White Barn is going to be used -- and notice that little dig about having an alternative vision for the site. Good stuff!

Congratulations everyone—WE did it!

Yesterday afternoon papers were signed transferring 5.576 acres of the White Barn Theatre Property into permanent conservation easement—5.13 acres on the south and west of the pond, which is public access, plus an additional 4.45 buffer on the eastern side of the pond.

Save Cranbury Association is thrilled that the community’s five year effort to save White Barn Theatre Property open space has been successful, culminating in the transfer of 5.575 acres into permanent conservation easement. Save Cranbury Association, a grassroots neighborhood group, was founded five years ago as a result of the threat of over-development of this significant property.

This beautiful open space—purchased, in part, through generous grants provided by the City of Norwalk ($250,000) and the State of Connecticut, Department of Environmental Protection($450,000)—is now available for the public to walk through, admire, protect and enjoy.

Save Cranbury is pleased that the Connecticut Friends School was successful in purchasing the adjacent property. They will make wonderful neighbors and will help with the stewardship of the property.

Both properties were purchased from Jim Fieber of Jim Fieber Development.

Save Cranbury Association and the Norwalk Land Trust will co-host an event to be held on the property on May 10th, starting at noon. At that time we will both celebrate the community’s victory and officially thank all the many individuals, elected officials, organizations and Norwalk and Westport groups who helped over the five year period to establish this open space, now permanently protected and secured for the enjoyment of the public. Please mark your calendars—see you there!

With sincere thanks,
JoAnne Jackson, co-director/founder
Gail Wall, co-director
Peter Hynes, co-director
Save Cranbury Association

The mission of the Save Cranbury Association is to preserve the historical, environmental landscape and rural quality of the neighborhood.

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Anonymous said...

I believe that the school's website says "alternate vision" NOT "alternative vision" and do not think that it was intended as a "dig" toward anyone. The way I read it is that the school has an "alternate vision" meaning that they will complete their project in phases using the definition of alternate "to perform or do in succession or one after another."

Kudos to Connecticut Friends School for a job well done!

Leonard Jacobs said...

Listen, what the Lortel Foundation tried to do was terrible and unspeakable and insupportable. So is attempting to post comments on other people's blogs anonymously. It is also cowardly. Thanks for the sanity check and thanks, too, for reading the post, but in future, use your name, otherwise I may not post your comment.