Thursday, April 24, 2008


You read it here.

The university that is systematically destoying and defiling Greenwich Village plans to take a wrecking ball, with as much malice as NYU President John Sexton can summon, to the history of the 2oth century American theatre. That's right: malice.

How dare he. What an animal that man is.

Well, this will not stand.
Indeed, so help me God, this will be stopped.

First thing: tomorrow, please call and email NYU President John Sexton to register your outrage.

Tel: (212) 998-2345

More action will be forthcoming. For now, please, please call!!

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone else has brought this up already, but it's the 40th anniversary of the Columbia University strike. Funny how history repeats itself with slight variations.

And they wonder those of us who graduated NYU won't give money to them.

Thanks for writing about this.

Leonard Jacobs said...

Thanks! But please, please call John Sexton. Please.

Jen Ryan's Brain said...

I bcc'd you on my email; its shameful all around. What gives? Why the hell are they so greedy?

Anonymous said...

Leonard- where has this been announced?

Anonymous said...

I actually just sent a fax: