Sunday, April 20, 2008

Follow Up to the Hillary Post

LOL, and LOL, and LOL. I received a comment with regard to my Hillary post from earlier today and while I chose to reject publishing it (this is my blog, after all), I thought it was hilarious what the person said, so here it is anyway:

You're an idiot. Chelsea has NOTHING to do with her Father's indiscretions. You know that. AND to lob in the "Where's Bin Laden" crap is utterly stupid. THEY ALL know where he is and always have. Grow up.

Now, here's the thing. I didn't say Chelsea had anything to do with Bill's indiscretions directly. But she is, after all, her mother's surrogate on the campaign trail; questions about Monica strike me as entirely germane insofar as they reveal character. And equally germane since Chelsea has decided the whole business is none of our business. Well, once again, I submit that the thing is utterly our business -- my government, the government I pay taxes to, was held hostage by long and protracted political crisis, culminating in an impeachment trial, on the basis of a blowjob. To say that the events of a decade ago didn't affect our foreign policy, among other things, is in fact idiotic, because we all know it did.

The problem here is that Hillary -- and remember, I proudly voted for her (at the time) in the New York primary -- has been so busy laying waste to the Democratic party and possibly giving the election to the Repuglicans with her self-serving, dishonest politics that all bets are off, and, given the source, so are the gloves. When Chelsea tells people "it's none of your business," it just goes to the heart of the scorched-earth politics-as-usual meme that is the Clintons' raison d'etre.

Mind you, I didn't call anyone an idiot. That person who sent the comment -- who didn't have the guts to sign his/her name -- is an idiot. Have the guts to sign your goddamn name, woos.

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