Tuesday, April 01, 2008

This is What Three Days in Louisville Can Do to You

This is me and my fabulous Back Stage West colleague Sarah Oakes and her husband, David L.M. McIntyre. But I just know him as David McIntyre. And the whole idea that he's worked with a guy named Terry Tocantins, who acted in the first play I ever wrote -- and that was 18 years ago -- oh, God, now you can understand this photograph. Really, you can.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Jesus. Just caught this post - I'd only seen the title in passing and wasn't interested in Louisville.

But damn is Theatre a small world! - David is one of my oldest friends - as I posted when he got engaged to Sarah, HERE - and I remember Terry quite well from NYU (if you see either David or Terry again, ask them to describe the "Morrie Spiderman, The Pastrami King" sketch Terry performed in - and I think wrote - in a cabaret there; I've never looked at Spider-Man the same way).

Did they get married right after the engagement in Vegas? Or are they (like me and my partner) just already calling themselves husband and wife while still engaged?