Monday, April 21, 2008

A Marx Brothers Place Update!

Got this email today (see below) from the fabulous Susan Hefti, who is bravely leading the charge to have a Marx Brothers Place created uptown on East 93rd Street. So help me, this force of nature IS going to succeed. And I'm posting this, too, as I didn't know anything about the Irish Times piece, which is a great read. Yet where, may I ask, is the Jewish Forward in all this? Out to lunch? An unleavened story would be fine by me, folks.

For generations, Marx Brothers Place in Carnegie Hill NYC has been an internationally famous destination spot, attracting tourists from all across the globe. Visitors continue to make regular pilrimages to Historic East 93rd Street just to catch a glimpse of the brownstone that built America’s most beloved Comic Geniuses. Listed in countless Walking Guides to NYC, Marx Brothers Place remains an enduring International Superstar!

Welcoming visitors from a vast number of countries to Marx Brothers Place every week infuses the neighborhood with a palatable pride of place. The joy recorded in tourist & fan photographs can also be felt in countless moving tributes published by the International Press. These newspaper articles continue to memorialize the rich cultural history that is Marx Brothers Place !

Please click on the link below and enjoy reading one such article about Marx Brothers Place which appeared in the Irish Times:

The 93rd Street Beautification Association appreciates your continued interest in its efforts to help protect this incomparable historic NYC block !

We all hope the City of New York will soon move forward to include Historic 93rd Street within the Carnegie Hill Historic District, and will also officially co-name the block Marx Brothers Place, in order to protect this remarkable collection of 19th century homes and the cultural history it so proudly evokes !

For more information about the 93rd Street Beautification Association and its efforts to help protect Marx Brothers Place, please visit our Blog at:

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