Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Did You Ever Want to See All the Numbers from the Fringe?

If so, read the letter below. It was sent out yesterday by my friend and colleague Elena K. Holy, and it provides an excellent peek into the financials behind the New York International Fringe Festival. The numbers are interesting, impressive and provocative. Discuss!

Dear Friends,

In celebration of Earth Day 2008, The Present Company is proud to present our 2007 ANNUAL REPORT – now entirely online. It is a small thing, but we’re making an effort to print as little as possible this year. We wanted to provide an Annual Report that would capture the energy of our programs and volunteers – as well as our eternal gratitude to our supporters – without having to use paper and energy for distribution of a printed version.

We hope we’ve done that via our interactive, web-based report. The 2007 Annual Report will remain accessible via this link until the 2008 Annual Report replaces it at this time next year. We do hope you’ll take a few moments to peruse the following link, at your leisure:

Warm regards,


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