Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Unforgivable Sin of Mel Brooks

I am excited beyond all measure about Young Frankenstein coming to Broadway in the fall -- although I do have serious concerns regarding the ability of Mel Brooks and Tom Meehan to strikes gold again the way they did with The Producers.

But that's not what particularly fires me up today. What has me hopping offended is that Brooks has cast Andrea Martin, who I adore in anythng she does, as Frau Blucher, not Cloris Leachman, with whom the role is forever going to be identified.

Now, you may or may not have been following this story in the papers, but apparently Brooks, who will be 81 on June 28, felt that Leachman, who is already 81, would not have the wherewithal to perform eight times a week. Supposedly there was something about Leachman's audition for the role that confirmed this fear in Brooks' mind. However, Leachman was apparently suffering from a cold when she auditioned, and now there's a whole back and forth between Brooks and Leachman about the matter.

I think it's a sin, an unforgivable sin, what Brooks has done. Here are some links of stories on this you might want to check out.

The bottom line: Mel Brooks, how dare you, you scallawag. For shame! For SHAME!

As a result of this, I am starting a protest campaign against Mel Brooks, who is co-producing the show only with Robert F.X. Sillerman -- by advocating that everyone email Sillerman here. We must defend the glory of Cloris!

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