Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Freelance Article...Send Me Your Suggestions!

I just got a freelance writing assignment for a relatively new pub called City Scoops. The story is on unique, offbeat, under-the-radar things to do in New York. The story idea grew out of a pitch I sent on the whispering wall at Grand Central Station. Now I'm adding in things like the Jumel Mansion and the hanging tree (what's left of it) in Washington Square Park and the like.

What weird, undiscovered, little known, way curious things in Manhattan do you know of? One website I love, called, has lots of interesting things to learn about. Ideally, all suggestions would involve something you could do. For example, if I provide a little information on why Pomander Walk exists on the Upper West Side, you can go and see it. An even better example is Little West 12th Street in the West Village, which you can walk along, as opposed to Pomander Walk, where you have to be a resident to get on the block. Or Ft. Tryon Park, which has the highest elevation in the city and is VERY cool. Or the Swedish Marionette Theater in Central Park (which I didn't know is 60 years old this year).

See all suggestions my way!

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RLewis said...

I love urban legends, but the hangin' tree, alas, it was never used for hanging (see Luther Harris's excellent book on downtown nyc). And I love forgottenny, too. Also, maybe check out my favorite for more hidden sites and history of nyc's ever-changing topography.

I'm blanking on fun, odd things to actually Do in nyc, except for maybe an evening at Le Trapeze on 26th St. - what a throw-back to the good ole days! lol. (of course, only with a very good friend and after a day down the block at the Mus' of Sex).

Leonard Jacobs said...

Thank you! I really appreciate the thoughts/help/corrections/assistance.