Friday, June 15, 2007


So I've been working on how to come up with little categories for the things I do with this site. Lacking focus groups and the ability to test-market, I won't be able to research whether visitors to The Clyde Fitch Report identify and engage more positively with a category labelled "Rant" or "Arrrggggggggggggghhhhh" -- or whether "Arrrggggggggggggghhhhh" would be somewhat more pleasing to experience if it had one fewer g.

But, for example, I get emails for benefits all the time and unless I'm asked to go or there's some compelling reason for me to pay and go, I tend to skip them. I mean, they're benefits: giving me a ticket means, in theory, that it's one ticket they're not selling. I think people asking for comps when they're not reporting are mooching. So I really want to be able to do something with these press releases, so I post "Benefit Watch" or "Benefit Alert" as the name of the post. Seems easy and it's free advertising, I guess, and doing a good deed. In case you're wondering, I have not decided on "Benefit Watch" or "Benefit Alert" yet. Lacking focus groups and the ability to test-market...

Anyway, I'm creating one called Browsing." Little things I find amusing or want to respond to.

To wit:

1) An unexpected and warm tribute to me, of all people, at the distinguished Rat Sass. I had lunch with Nick almost two weeks ago and I've been very remiss about reporting about it. I'm weird, when I meet someone new that I particularly like, as I liked Nick, it's more fun to sort of not blog about it. But let's just say that he's very smart, very opinionated, has led what I'd call a very cool bohemian life (and who uses that phrase nowadays?) and I'd definitely hang with him again.

Oh, one thing Nick: It's Jacobs, not Jacob. Although supposedly the original name in Dutch, in Amsterdam some 200 years ago, was de Groot.

2) Theatreforte has an excellent bit about that awful David Mamet acting book. I reviewed it 10 years ago and hated it then and hate it now.

3) My friend Jon Stancato (of the much-touted Stolen Chair Theatre Company) is so f***in funny.

4) And now I want to meet Tom Garvey: his comment about the photo of the new a.d. of North Shore Music Theatre was very funny. I mean, nothing personal, it was just funny.

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