Friday, July 11, 2008

To Those Who Have It In for Howard Blau

To those who have it in for my friend, the attorney Howard Blau -- listen up. Howie is a friend of mine and he's never done anything to me at all. When I've needed him for certain things, he has always been there and I know he's been there for many, many others as well. Few people, in my view, are as generous with time and expertise as he is.

Maybe as a lawyer he did something (or some things) that were legally questionable -- that's for bar associations, judges and other attorneys to hash out, not for me. I am absolutely not going to judge him badly just because some bat-shit idiots out there are intent upon trying, over and over again, to post comments on my blog that trash-talk him.

You got something to say about Howard Blau? Go create your own goddamn blog. The more you try to post comments defaming him on my blog, the more I'm going to reject them. Especially when you try to comment anonymously. What colosally stupid cowards you are. Please, spare us all and step in front of a loaded gun where you belong. Or get yourself a friggin' life. Or at least go the hell away.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know what sorts of negative comments people have made about Howard Blau, but I've been lucky enough to use his legal services and I'm here to say that he was exceptionally smart, wise and kind. I'm an an actor and writer and I went to him for some legal advice and to set up a corporation a few years ago. Over the course of several meetings to draw up papers, and on the phone, Mr. Blau not only gave me a very fair price for his services -- as he knew I was an actor without deep pockets -- his advice on my business venture saved me years of potential heartache and money. I cannot say enough good things about my professional interaction with him, and I'd recommend him to anyone I know without hesitation and great enthusiasm.

Paul Haber
Actor, Writer, Filmmaker
New York City

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kindness