Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Demolition Review Amendment Gains Coinage in the City Council

I got this press release from Susan Hefti, who is making (it appears) great strides to get something called the Demolition Review Amendment on the City Council's radar. Susan, you'll recall, is going to make sure, if it's the last thing she does, that Marx Brothers Place becomes not just a dream but reality. And trust me, this lady is nothing but determined. I don't think she walks down dark alleys, but if she did, she'd be a terrifying law-enforcement weapon.

Here's the release:

The Demolition Review Amendment, proposed by the 93rd Street Beautification Association on June 9, 2008, has gained some key support in the NYC City Council !

Council Member Tony Avella has offered his support for this much needed legislation which, if passed by the NYC Council, would codify the public will to protect the city's architectural & cultural history by including within the demolition process an opportunity for 1.) reflection (is the structure historically significant ?) and 2.) notice to the public.

Adam Pincus, a reporter for Real Estate Magazine and The Real Deal, picked up the story about the amendment's progress and wrote the following news article (please click on the link below to read the news story published by The Real Deal)

Currently, the law does NOT require any public notice, nor ANY review of a structure's historic worthiness before demolition so long as it is not within a designated historic district, nor individually officially designated. As only 1% of NYC is designated, this leaves vulnerable to summary demolition 99% of the buildings in our town unless the NY City Council adopts this zoning amendment.

The 93rd Street Beautification Association is grateful to Council Member Tony Avella for stepping up to the plate on behalf of NYC's historic structures & neighborhoods. We hope that Council Members Katz, Lappin, Weprin & Garodnick will also join in this effort to improve NYC, and offer their support for this much needed legislation.

For more information, please contact the 93rd Street Beautification Association or visit our Blog at:

best regards,

Susan Kathryn Hefti
Co-Chair, 93rd Street Beautification Association

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