Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Post, A Plea, and a Request from Jonathan West

You may remember various posts about and paeans to Jonathan West, one of my dearest friends during and since college. Well, from way up there in Milwaukee he asked if I'd post something on the blog for him and I agreed.

"You don't know me. But I'm a long time friend of Leonard's, and I have so many tawdry stories about him that he's allowing me to post this item on his blog so I don't spill all the noxious beans about our dear Len. In any event, my friendship with the wordsmith of The Clyde Fitch Report aside, I'm also a blogger. One from Milwaukee, WI, in fact (yes, the Internet has made it all the way to Milwaukee). I write about the arts for a publication run by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel called MKE. That is, I do until July 10 when the newspaper is going out of business. Until that time my blog Artsy Schmartsy is running a great little hometown debate about the state of theater in general and lots of little artistic tangents associated with said subject. It's nice and homey, full of lots of hometown whines and lightbulb ideas, but I long for outside perspective. If you think you can lend some, shuffle over to Artsy Schmartsy. We folk from Milwaukee need a nationwide smack upside the head sometimes. You might be just the person to give it. Thanks to you, and thanks to Leonard (and if you really want any of my tell-all-tales about him, visit my blog and send me a note and we'll see what we can do)."

Of course, I have no idea what he's referring to.

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