Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Random Musings and Responses

Going through a ton of old links that I wanted to highlight and comments on.

A few weeks ago at Matt Freeman's blog, he linked to the typically indescipherable scribblings of a certain blogger who thinks he has any standing in the world of criticism. (This is not a slight to Matt, who of course can link to anyone he wants for any reason.) Anyway, the question was what would happen if there was a moratorium on print criticism for a year. Well, for one thing, there would be more Web criticism, wouldn't there?

Meantime, my friend and colleague Tom Garvey in Boston writes a well-considered post about Beantime theatre critic Carolyn Clay. Would that people in Gotham wrote with such insight -- and without such invective and misguided hyperintellectualism.

Am I missing something, or should we in the theatrosphere/blogosphere be making much more out of the "censorship" incident in Denver at the National Performing Arts Convention? When I was in DC two weeks ago, the subject came up over dinner with a number of well known and all rather high powered DC theatre folk, and when they alluded to the incident, I asked for more information. You'd have thought I was asking for blueprints to a nuke. When I finally pried out of them what had happened, I asked if they weren't concerned/startled/outraged, and it was again as if I was speaking Greek. Huh? Isn't this a First Amendment matter? Why are artists afraid of ruffling each other's feathers?

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