Friday, December 07, 2007

The Way the Winds Are Blowing

The way the winds are blowing is clear. In the next few weeks, most likely in a new format (typepad, perhaps?), I'm going to reorient this blog away from the New York theatre, per se, except for pointing out reviews and articles I may write, or trying to do some good for those who may care. Certainly I'm going to reorient this blog away from the theatrosphere and its various players, all far more intelligent, tactical and simply worthy of inclusion in that universe than I am. It's been an interesting ride so far, but I'm tired of intellectually dishonest twits and people who are just, well, dishonest. As the Schadenfreude Choir revs up in response to Isaac's take-down of me on his blog, I've concluded the best thing is to let all sing loud and clear and leave the scene. (Note: Isaac has deleted his post and I have agreed to delete mine.) It'll be better for the theatre in the long run to have me out of it. Please rejoice.

Certainly I'm going to reorient this blog away from critics and people who criticize critics and all of that.

The last week or so has taught me that the theatrosphere is about as unpleasant a playing field as I could have imagined. The level of self-congratulationing, doublespeak and dissembling can be unfortunate. I've inflicted my fair share of that, I suppose -- hence the majestic swaying of the Schadenfreude Choir.

The real watch-cry of this industry remains the same: trust no one. Please remove me from your blogrolls.

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Ian Mackenzie said...

Why would you let other people push you away from what you enjoy writing about?

If you don't respect the "intellectually dishonest twits" – why let them shape your blogging experience?

I'm not taking sides. I honestly haven't really been following this particular blowout. It just seems that this sandbox is big enough for all of us. And believe me, there's plenty of great theatre blogging going on outside the New York scene - if that's what's getting you down.

I can understand reorienting if you feel this isn't working anymore. But are you sure you're doing it for the right reasons?


Ian Mackenzie

Leonard Jacobs said...

I appreciate that. I'm beginning to feel that I'm tired of putting up with vicious, backbiting dogs or having to be one to penetrate the haze of idle chatter and white noise in order to capture people's thinking, stir debate (or hate, in my case), and make a point.

But I do appreciate your comment. I've received two other emails today echoing your sentiment and all of them have me thinking.

Clearly, though, some poeple would be a lot happier if I was gone.

Aaron Riccio said...

I can't imagine that anyone would be HAPPY to have fewer opinions out there on the internet. I've tried to remove myself from getting embroiled in back and forth spats between blogs, as I just don't see the point, but I do enjoy being fired up -- even when I disagree -- by your posts. I don't go to theater for cheap "resolution"; I certainly don't read blogs so that I can see everyone nodding their head in agreement.

Leonard Jacobs said...

I appreciate your thought on this as well. The mistake has a lot to do with whether one trusts people. I made a mistake in trusting and it may be some time before I have enough trust in the blogosphere to focus on some of the (still important) issues I focused on before. We'll see.