Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Podcast: The Year in Review 2007

A little bit ago I recorded a podcast -- Episode # 182 - The Year in Review: 2007 -- for Martin Denton: click on the link to hear it as you might be amused, intrigued, provoked, infuriated and, well, maybe not infuriated, but you never know.

Here's the text from the nyblogcast blog:

Martin Denton hosts this look back at the highlights of the New York City theatre scene during the past 12 months. His guests are reviewer Michael Criscuolo and Leonard Jacobs, who is national editor of Back Stage magazine. (Michael is also the host of nytheatrecast’s Indie Theatre Life series; Leonard is launching the Leonard Jacobs Show on nytheatrecast starting in January 2008.)

The three, who reviewed hundreds of shows each last year, discuss many of the new plays, excellent performances, and interesting revivals that excited them during 2007. Dozens of shows are included!

Please send in your feedback about what you hear on the podcast, and what you think belongs on the list of the best of 2007 in NYC theatre.

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