Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Did Ben Brantley Give a Smackdown to Aaron Sorkin Because of Robbie Baitz's Smackdown of Charles Isherwood?

The third comment regarding this New York Magazine piece seems to think so.

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macrogers said...

Hi Leonard.

That link seems to be incorrect. Are you referring to this link here?

If so, you seem to be attributing a comment on NYMag's blog to the magazine itself.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I sometimes write for NYMag's Vulture blog.

Leonard Jacobs said...

Thanks, Mac. I think I fixed the link problem. I also ameliorated the copy to make it clear I'm talking about the third comment, not the piece itself.

Anonymous said...

to be honest, that was just the first thing that popped into my mind after reading Brantley's bad review, especially after all of the great reviews Farnsworth has gotten from those that saw it in review (and I'm not just talking about Wingnuts in dire need of a Sorkin-fix). Full disclosure though, I haven't seen Farnsworth yet, though I fully intend to.

Baitz's HuffPo article created quite a lot of buzz when it first went up and while we all know it didn't sit well with Isherwood,it's not like he can get back at Baitz by writing a scathing review of B&S in the Times.

I definitely think this could have been Brantley's motivation behind the bad review, but really Sorkin's burned the press so much over the last year (or really 7) that Brantley could just be sticking up for journalists everywhere.

Since I've seen Baitz post a couple times, I'm curious as to his thoughts on Brantley's review.

Leonard Jacobs said...

Robbie and I have an agreement not to really write about each other at this point. I did post that post to bring attention to the NY Magazine piece -- in particular what the third comment was -- but in terms of my personal opinion, I have to leave that out. Robbie and I have a truce and I did indeed have some second thoughts about posting the post. He and I have become friends, I suppose, and I'd rather not hurt that if I can.

Anonymous said...

The farrnsworth Invention stinks. ITs a lame Play.